Sunday, February 1, 2009

the Well Well

I've been soaking in these first heady days of the new era.

I agree, the bush fire ant pile trying to recreate a new improved statue of liberty in his image is a fitting disgusting end to the nightmare. trying to erase their collective mistakes is like trying to take a shit stain off the wall with your tongue. it only gets worse.

and obama is equally impressive in purpose and eloquence. his strong words against wallstreet greed these last few days have been incredibly refreshing. he's convinced me he really will do his best to bring back the america I call america.

as in the america the 60s revolution was trying to revive...all the way back to what we on the left believe the founding fathers really had in mind.

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lowflyin lolana said...

Obama can only do so much and after watching The Money Masters (free on Google video...just watch the first 27 minutes and you'll see) I'm pretty convinced that government can't do much about the shitstorm we're driving through. It ain't about a balanced budget, it ain't about Repubs and Dems, it ain't about any of the shit that you'd think it was about. It's about the power to mint money and that power resides with the Federal Reserve. Which is not federal, it's private bankers who don't answer to any kind of government oversight, AT ALL, and there are no reserves. All that gold at Ft. Knox? Gone.

the positive thing is that our economy could be fixed ...the sad thing is that it won't be, because our government doesn't represent us and there's no awareness of the priority of minting currency. None. zip. Zilch. Have you heard anything? Not me til this video. But it's fascinating. The Money Masters. Watch it free. Watch it and weep.