Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

I relistened to the joe plumdaddy thing and it really brings home, in the face of our instant communications, godzillabyte internet running at 4 times lightspeed, how impossible it is for people to understand or agree on anything.

we've gone from top down news/history/values/information to bottom up 'anything you believe I believe better'. it's like the sun's gotten a hundred times closer yet people still sit out in it for hours at a time. meaning most people have no filters to what they hear and consequently believe. instinct has become personal scripture cause no matter What you believe you can find it a few clicks away.

it's like going to the store and suddenly there a thousand kinds of ice cream, none of which remotely resemble chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. how do you choose? okay, so ice cream's a bad example cause there Are a thousand kinds.

my favorite is nickel dumpling figgy froggy bottoms. that one drop of caramel drives me crazy, you know. sometimes its on the top, sometimes its on the bottom. so when it's on the top the rest is anticlimactic but when it's on the bottom ya gotta eat the whole thing in one sitting. I know you know what I mean.

now. where was I.....?

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