Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tim's got a blog

that's the artwork he features in his latest post...sorry Amerigo. I've been sort of out of commission dealing with medication issues. zoloft is the latest no-go and the last few weeks has been fought through, through a dense mental fog.

fucking meds...they help so much, but only when they work.

anyway, i'll come to the surface again soon.

we're gonna come visit you sometime. you and T. ok?

i saw an old college friend the other day who i haven't seen in a decade or so and it was soooo, so nice to see her. forty is a weird age to be...notes must be compared. many of my friends seem to be going through some mid-life stuff. i know i am.

did i put up a photo of our apt? there's art everywhere....i had so much fun showing her tim's art.

oh, tim's blog. it's at www.busterhouserules.blogspot.com...check it out.

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swillgut baconface said...

I was gone for a bit, too. busy life. hope you find the right chemical balance.

sometimes I feel balanced. sometimes I feel like I've been trapped in a cave in.