Wednesday, February 4, 2009

right angle spewtards

one of my hopes in this era of hope and change is for a few of the spewtards on the right to wake up and realize theyre talking outta their asses with nothing to back them up but how far they can jerk their knees.

if they'll only start having a little respect for the truth and a little less respect for mindless terd tossing. it was great to hear shep on the mighty righty showing some curiosity and thirst to call out joe the spewtard. how refreshing was That?

I still hear some of them turning on only half their lizard's still out there, but sheesh, they know the bear woke up in november and they know what a reverse in ratings trends that implies.

the pendulum didnt swing nearly enough back to the left in the clinton years and theyre trying their best to keep it from going there now. come on, america, come on, media... keep pushing them back and let the pendulum go where it desperately needs to go, back through the center with power and intent. let it swing to infinity and beyond.

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lowflyin lolana said...

spewtards. turd hurling. this is why i love your writing, it's beautiful, man.


oh, go watch The Money Masters on Google Video. It's free. Just watch some of it. It'll blow your mind.