Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the hem of W passeth our wayeth

on the SMU website is a shot of W mixing with students on monday.

yes, it's true, celebrity trumps war crimes in america. kids and everyone else he came in contact with didnt seem to care about what he'd just done to the country, to the world. couldnt care less.

all they wanted was to get close to a famous guy. I'm sure everywhere al capone went there were people magnetically drawn to him for no other reason than his infamy. people lined the streets in front of hitler and napoleon and genghis khan for a glimpse. the closer the better. "Look! he's like a GOD!!!"

so it is with the W. everywhere he goes, his picture is taken as gawkers press, anxiously anticipating a brief glance their way...a blessing from fate, a story to pass on to everyone they'll ever meet.

"and on that day I brushed up against the Bush and my life was changed forever."

you dont have to brush up against that guy for him to change your life. he's changed all our lives, some for the better, most with devastating results.

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heydave said...

That fucktard brushes up against me and I'm headed to an hour long shower.