Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shep Loses His Shit/Katrina Redux

actually it's more like geraldo loses his shit. shep gets hotheaded but doesn't really lose composure, geraldo, though, is, like, sobbing, "It's a little baby! look, it's a BABY."

this was an unbelievable story and just made me even more scared of my government.

the thing about having obama in charge, his having closed guantanamo the first day, was such a symbolic step in the right direction---a statement about the US's role on planet earth and our policies toward our fellow earthlings, that we value rule of law and habeus corpus....i can't tell you how reassured that made me.

o. seems to be floundering a bit and i can't blame him. after the lovefest of the election and inaguration night and the balls and the musicians and the love, it must be like a cold shower being in washington around all those power-driven, fucked-up people.

and if the repugs aren't liking him, well, that just makes me think he's doing something right.

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