Monday, July 20, 2009


charlie rose is talking with ambassador hill (our man in iraq) who's saying the problem with the middle east is the countries think they can control their neighbors...that the different sects dont understand they have to keep their fingers out of other sovereign nations.

fucking jesus, jack! how dare any american dignitary talk about keeping fingers out of their neighbor's pie. who freakin creAted the map of the middle east??? and not that long ago.

the west carved up persia and arabia and changed the borders based on mostly British and French influences. now we've gone in in our goddish way and anyone who thinks we're going to abandon our bases in the burbs anytime soon is living in a universe we havent seen lately.

check out the map above. A. Persia doesnt exist any more and B. that Red Zone (remind anyone of our Green 'Zone'?) was deClared under the diRect conTrol of the British. how fucking arrogant is THat?

that whole colonial thing was such outlaw scumbag scam! and WE still do it. that's as BUTTIFUL as it gets, doris. Sykes-Picot Agreement...which one of those guys was Arab?

answer: none of the above.