Monday, July 20, 2009

apartment life

I'm Loving living in these apartments. respect for borders has a lot to do with it. I used to feel antisocial cause I didnt interact with my neighbors in my old neighborhood. there was pressure to interact. not here, man. and the place is so well made it's as quiet or as social as opening the patio door.

there was this guy downstairs with huge dogs that should Never have been here. he kept them on the patio and they barked at worms and leaves. not cool. the good news is his girlfriend kicked him out and the dogs are gone and now it's back to being as peaceful as I want it to be.

my girlfriend bought a house and I may move in in a few years. but for now...this is Great. it aint LA but it's just what I need. mostly I love being anonymous and if I go outta town for a week or a month (which I'm about to do) I lock up and lawn, no car, no mail or papers, no worries of any sort...nobody knows if I'm there or not. beautiful.

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Lowflyin' Lolana said...

isn't it great to have your corner of the world that you love? and i do envy you your community in the big D. there's such a great artist community there that you'd never know existed unless you fall into it. you and steve were like my induction into that side of Dallas and it was so great to find creative people, a separate culture there.

Ya know, I always thought a house anywhere was more "respectable" than a flat in a big f'in city. But I've come to revise that opinion now. No, it's not glamorous. We live in a bugbox of a place. Actually, there are no bugs. Those waterbugs in texas drove me nuts, man. There are just a few of those here once in a while. Our apartment is bugless....I bought a carnivorous pitcher plant and it got no bugs at all into its little gaping pitchers. Finally it died. What a cool plant.

But it's where it is, that is so cool. And I always thought I'd mind the proximity of so many people. But they're all respectful and quiet for the most part. Most noise is good noise. It's good to be surrounded by life.....buying a house eh. Must be nice...*sigh* maybe one day..when I'm rich and famous..haha.