Wednesday, July 8, 2009

digging in

the best palin joke I heard was Conan, "President Obama is in Russia cause he knew from there he'd be able to see Sarah Palin cleaning out her desk."

the story was of immediate yet short lived interest to me. I can't imagine her being much of a threat to Obama unless he royally screws something up. in fact, I dont consider her much of a threat period.

America hates losers, especially big time election losers, and she's got all the loser cred you can get these days. I felt sorry for her when McCain tapped her back in the summer. it was obvious she was in over her head.

some day, after we make our way through all the skin color minorities, we might actually get down to accepting White Trash Americans. somewhere toward the end of the century. then maybe someone like Sarah will have more of a shot.

it does seem somewhat odd that the 'Love it or Leave it' culture was backing someone who indeed Had pretty much left it. you can't get much further away from the heartland of America.

oh, and of course you know I think Cheney's wrong about pretty much everything. all those guys who came up through Reagan and Bush, many starting back as far as Nixon, clearly have poison in their pens and turtle wax for brains. it's good they're out there for the rest of us to see.

I just wish we could get them on the gallows before they get too far back in them hills.

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