Friday, July 31, 2009

these assholes can't get away with the 911 holocaust. they just can't!

come on all you guys who know something and all you leaders who want to clean that slate...let's roll!

American war criminals are not allowed any slack for whatever the hell they thought they were doing on that fateful day.

I Know you guys were puppets of a bigger machine and I'm absolutely sure They will give you guys up to save Their asses. Maybe someday we'll get them too but...FOR NOW...I'll personally settle with your beastly sins being cleansed in sweet retribution.

dammit if America is going to stand up again it has to shine Miss Liberty's light on this very dark place in its own history. turn the villains out in the square and let the stoning begin. bring out the horses and tie their arms and legs...draw and quarter each in turn...let their blood spray the population so we will never forget their cold-hearted crimes against their own. in the end hang each of their cursed heads from the Washington bridge and let them swing and rot till they crumble into the Hudson. let their stench remind us of the stench they left behind on America.

in the name of the needless deaths of the 3000 here and hundreds of thousands overseas including 5000 young Americans whose lives were taken away from them at the point of a pen, the world must see, we must reveal the horror. if we do not the many will continue to clinch their guts in shame for the shameless meaningless acts of a few.

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Lowflyin' Lolana said...

those are the faces of scary motherfuckers.