Monday, May 18, 2009



lowflyin lolana said...
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lowflyin lolana said...

you're hilarious.

maybe i should do an audio post.

i don't have anything that meaningful to say, though. yours is much better. basically you're saying that what we have to look forward to, is that shining moment when we're thinking "hey life is not so bad" before it all goes to shit like it always does do.

kind of reminds me of the weekend in vegas I spent with my family and as it was coming to an end, i came out of the bathroom in the hotel room and was thinking (and almost said, in fact) "wow, we've gone a whole weekend without anyone fighting or anything really weird happening." I was truly pleasantly surprised that it had been a generally pleasant weekend, albeit with the usual weird vibes they always have. But anyway, that was the exact moment that the shit hit the fan. thirty minutes later I was crying hysterically and my Dad was ignoring me, on a mission to find souvenirs...hey we just now had an earthquake. just a gentle shaking of the building. everyone's freakin' out. it's kinda cool. they've got the radio cranked and everyone came out of the studios and is milling around excitedly.

not so great though when you consider they keep saying the big one _is_ coming and one of these times, it's going to be it. now every time there's a quake my life flashes before my eyes. 4.1, is the verdict...santa monica.