Thursday, May 28, 2009

loved the fire fight video

proving once again if they actually sent adults into battle they wouldnt be nearly that giddy or happy to be blowing the crap out of other human beings who are really pissed off youve just blown up their families.

the American military system: Torture guys barely out of high school to jump on command, wipe out the individual spirit and replace it with a 3 year old's capacity to make moral judgments and put them in harm's way without regard for the fact theyre about to wake up in situations that will fuck them up for life.

how cool is That?

so, to review, what would your everyday Americans do if some monster army from overseas landed in North Carolina, California and just outside Denver and started breaking into houses and shooting people in the streets? what if they started rounding up the born again Baptists because their religious convictions were too radical? how long would it take the rednecks and sprint sales people and naturalists to bring out their automatic weapons and shotguns and long bows, collecting in cells and targeting the invaders?

we've never really liked being invaded but we sure do like to invade. we're like one big dickin Ant Hill. we have been invading other people's lands since day one. we've even invaded ourselves and still Do in so many ways. we must have inherited quite a bit of viking blood.

we have raping and pillaging Down, jack.

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lowflyin lolana said...

thanx for making me laugh.

My brother was (is?) a really cool person. Why did he want to do what he's doing? I honestly don't know.
Has he learned any better ways of dealing with conflict than the ones we learned in the Fam?

Don't know.

So he's negotiating with tribal Elders who are like beings from another planet, as far as he's concerned. What has he been taught about these people? Has he been taught the history of what the U.S. has done in Afghanistan which might make him understand why these people are so fucking resentful of our military presence?

I just have no idea what he thinks or knows about what he's doing. We haven't hung out for years. And I'm the Freaky California Librul Slackr or whatever it is they say about me while they sit in the Fox News phosphor glare inside their dark living room.

Or out in the sunshine..on the golf course. Why should I knock the things they love? I dunno. Maybe cause they knocked mine first. Anyway, wondering is fairly useless but it is something I'll catch myself doing.

i love your writing....more, please...