Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Not So Liberal Media---Go Hustler!!!!

Who Killed Lori Klausutis?

What makes this interesting is how the press was all over Gary Condit, and that this story was virtually ignored in the mainstream, and alternative, press. Back page burials in Florida papers, and as far as national coverage, just about nil.

The other interesting part is that Joe Scarborough was on the phone to ABC within three hours of the woman's body being discovered in his office---before her family had been notified, according the the Hustler piece---telling them the woman had a history of epilepsy and complicated medical conditions; which turned out to be a complete and total, bald-faced lie.

Anyway, good for Hustler. Funny the odd places one can find the actual news these days. Because these circumstances, while circumstantial, sure are interesting.

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