Friday, May 1, 2009

Shock and Awful

"Dawson and Downey are put on trial for the death of a member of their squad, Santiago, who died as a result of a medical condition unknown to them that was speeded up by a rag stuffed in his throat. The commander of the base, Colonel Jessup, ordered Dawson and Downey to carry out the Code Red after specifically ordering the whole platoon to leave Santiago alone. Because of loyalty to their positions, Dawson and Downey carry out the Code Red with no questions asked. When Santiago dies, Colonel Jessup covers his back, and tries to let the marines solely take responsibility for the death, but the laywer, Kaffee, of the men accused, goads Jessup into admitting on the stand that he did order the Code Red. Dawson and Downey are cleared of the charges, but are given a dishonorable discharge from the marines, and Jessup is arrested. Sorry for revealing the ending if you can't handle the truth."
--Jennifer Lynn Currier, Resident Scholar

Nicholson is Cheney.

Nicholson is channeling some powerful stuff there.

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