Saturday, December 26, 2009

sometimes I lose hope

when I cant afford vitamins or floss,
when I look around and see the loss
of integrity, sincerity and priorities
of a once proud honorable country,
I wonder why we even stay instead
of merely fade away into the dark
recesses of history...the way of the
Romans and Greeks, the Persians
and links to our not that distant
past when those who died died
for a reason and they knew the
reason. they wore a flag that
stood for standing up when
there was need beyond greed,
beyond money driven old fart
egos and just because we can.

they didn't die to waste ammunition
so more could be made and wasted.
they didnt die for natural resources
or to stick our forces up other folks'
noses, to build our stations to build
their nations, to pay young punks in
Black Water shirts to lay waste to the
promise of other nation's dirt so we
can say we didn't do it, so we can
say we would never do it when
we did, we know we did and
everyone knows we did.

hey, it's embarrassing.

not to mention wrong,
dangerous and really
dangerously wrong.