Thursday, December 17, 2009

I agree with Everything you've said.

down to the last xyz. so I wont repeat what you've said. just a simple "Hear Here!!!"

I heard on Fresh Air they finally nabbed a few Blackwater butt weasels who may go bye bye cause they killed over a dozen Iraqis for no reason whatsoever.

my comment on your post?

Corporate America, not all of course, but the big ass mofos who have so hidden their greed and vomitory policies, who wrapped themselves in bottom lines and logo designs, who think theyre doing God's work by being the infinite jerk, the ones who value their custom beamers over their loyal customers, who think competition means you bury your competition anyway you can, the assholes who have zero empathy for anyone but their golf partners and only if They drive their golden calves into your get the drift...the guys who Gladly, Joyfully, OrGasmicly screw their moms and babies if it means one more "good job!" bonus from any place they can get it...those MBA savages who think Scrooge was a Saint and Madoff was an unlucky bastard and that's All he was...I would LOVE to see as many of those guys as can be rounded up taken and made part of an Guantanamo prisoner exchange program.

That's right...put the bastards in Gitmo, give them one can of alpo and a doggie bowl of water at tea time. and then give them credit cards to buy shoes with. Make them buy shoes and designer ties without the income to pay for it. run the cards up and watch them squirm when they see their bills go up and up and the APRs go up and up cause theyre rampantly overdue and soon they owe 6 figures then 7 with absolutely no way to get out from under.

no money, no food, no lawyer, no hope, no life, no way out.

and absolutely put up web cams Everywhere so the rest of us can enjoy the show. watch the ratings soar as we "let" Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld drop by once a month for conjugal visits as a matter of professional courtesy. then sit back and wait for sweeps.

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