Friday, December 4, 2009

The Lonely Blog

sitting quietly...oh so quietly...the blog may have wiggled its left ear. or did it? perhaps it was moved by a serendipitous electron or a misfiring pixel. if no one is reading it, even if it wiggled, did it really?

in a conversation, do both parties have to talk? if two people sit at a table and only one that conversation or monologue. or if one speaks and months pass before the other replies does that change the nature of the exchange?

perhaps that's why it's called a blog because it sounds like blob, like blot...a thing that sits under the weight of its own function. to sit patiently still someone happens by and, maybe, takes a migratory interest.

1 comment:

Lowflyin' Lolana said...

I think the blog gets lonely sometimes...but I keep on coming back, cause there's nothing like your exquisitely prepared fungus and toenail stew, with the garnishing foof of argumentative poetry and nonsensical wisdom.
I had a little bit of keyboard diarraeah up there in my post, and thought this Buttiful blog might be the right place for it.