Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shut Your CAk@H0Les Y() U R@ci$T B@s+aRDs

(this is from an online discussion group talking about radio talk show host Lars Larson who is a piece of work for sure. )


Can we finally call the "illegal immigrant" meme (and the bogus claim that Democrats are "caudle"-ing them -- i.e. "coddling" -- by its true name?

It's racism, pure and simple.

The whole meme has always been about "Mexicans" (NOT, significantly, Canadians) and that's the whole core of this election: crypto-racism. (With, I note, a dash of homophobia in another 'God-hates-fags' Fred Phelps-style initiative).

It's OK for GOP-ers to hate them brown-skinned "illegals" what am stealin' alla their hard-earned tax dullards: It's MINE! It's MY money! MINE! MINE! MINE!

(Good Christians that they are -- or claim to be.)

And so, Lars can wear his virtual Klan sheet and the GOP can pretend they're not screaming about racism, pure and simple. It's Trent Lott letting slip his love for Strom Thurmond's Segregationist Party presidential run in '48; it's screaming that EVERYONE must obey the law, when we're in a war that is a WAR CRIME according to our own formulation (Nuremberg Trials), we're torturing in violation of the Geneva Accords (which we sponsored in its latest form); we're consciously abrogating (and they are DEFENDING) the violation of the fourth, fifth and other amendments, engaged in illegal wiretapping, rendition, etc. etc. etc.

And the "illegals" are breaking the law?

The sheer hypocrisy of the self-righteous collaborators, these aiders-and-abetters of lawlessness and murderous criminality is staggering. Gargantuan. Were it assigned a numerical measurement, the number would exceed a googleplex.

But, of course, they're for the "Rule of Law" over a "crime" (illegal voter registration) that virtually NEVER happens, and has NEVER affected a single election in the history of the state of Oregon.


And, so, with all due respect, might I suggest:

Shut your cakeholes, you racist b*stards.

Burn your crosses on some other state's front lawn. We don't need your kind here in Oregon.

Right, Lars?

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