Wednesday, January 14, 2009

L@rz iz a &utt \/\/eez!L

we get l@rz on the weekend here and, yeah, he's one of the many dog brains on that side of the island. the only good thing I can say is he's not as rhetorically hypocritical as some. he doesnt piss me off as much as rusty humphrees or michael savage.

sometimes I cant tell if theyre serious. I wont assume they have no integrity. we already know half of us are dog brains and the rest of us only know we're not dog brains.

but rusty will Often say something like, "I cant stand these sub-moronic idiots who call people names." it's beyond racism, beyond conservatism. it's yappy weiner dog brain panderism where the only thing that means anything to host and audience are continuous short shrill yelps.

I have my own prejudices. I'll admit it. I really Really hate yappy dogs.

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