Monday, January 19, 2009

The Doghouse Rules

"Whatever Dick Cheney is up to will, like an iceberg, remain 9/10ths hid, but a glimpse at the remainder will be enough to confirm that it's constructed of taxpayer dollars, severed baby parts, and bullshit. And somewhere Jonah Goldberg will say something that is both stupider and lazier than anything anyone's ever said before."

Doghouse Riley sure can turn a phrase. I am truly proud that my internet indiscretion turned up on his blog (the Ronnie McD picture).

Tim is writing a blog and I like it a lot. It's named after the cage our beloved Buster calls home. Which is a big, ugly, nasty cage with lots of toys and ladders and goodies that birds like. When Bob (the dominant male budgie) isn't pushing Buster around, Buster does rule his house. If Bob's in, he gets the pick of the best seats in the roost, ie, the highest one up, which is the preference of all birds and the status seat, the crow's nest.

But when it's Bedtime for Bob, Buster is the Master. He climbs to the top of his swing and snuggles against the ceiling. Let's hear it for the Buster House. Tim named his blog The Buster House Rules. check it out.

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