Wednesday, August 19, 2009

still in taos

I've been in taos since august 3rd teaching at ft. burgwin...which I have to leave tomorrow. dammit. love the 1000 hand dance video. quite a production. quality stuff there.

my class has been a combination rock history/drum circle/facebook thing. I had 4 kids, then 1 got kicked out for drinking on campus. this is an abnormally upper class bunch o kids who think they're on vacation yet still most are respectful and take class time seriously so whatever.

the cool thing is the vibe. we dont lock our doors or our cars. the beauty and sanctity of the place creates a trusting environment that demands a kind of family respect. it's ineresting cause it's nothing like dallas where I tend to mistrust my neighbors cause you just dont know.

one other cool thing is I'm teaching in one of the archeology labs where the shelves are full of boxes of artifacts from the digs, including human skulls and

I had my friend Lauren Camp up from santa fe to read her poetry while we played drums last thursday and it was so cool for both performers and audience. I really like her stuff and her voice has a lot of character.

the pictures are obvious...all the drums I brought and the town at dusk.


Wayne said...

Hey, this is the guy from the right wing extremist blog you posted to back on the 8th. You said to stop by and say hey, so hey. Thanks for leaving a comment. Looks like you're right (I mean correct) about us being at opposite ends of the political spectrum. I haven't posted much lately because I have been just too busy, but I hope to do more now so check back once and a while.

BTW way I have not gotten rid of my TV completely. I still like to watch football, but that is about it.

Burkey said...

Wayne stopped by, what do you know! I found Wayne's blog because he was getting rid of his TV which is admirable regardless of political leanings (and politics are so distorted by hype these days that who knows, anyway).

I'm envious. What a beautiful place. Those drums are gorgeous, too. WTF do you mean about the drinking? You mean you got kicked off campus, or what? Is that sort of like Baylor where we literally got busted for drinking beer on campus?

(there's a story I don't think I ever told you..maybe I'll post about it)

thanks for checking in with the lovely photos. I've been through Taos but haven't stopped to visit. Maybe we should all plan a joint jaunt one of these days. You bring your woman, I bring my man, we all beat the drums and pass the peace pipe. Works for me.