Monday, August 10, 2009

33 Vague Reasons to Assume the Worst of Scott Peterson

I have a fascination with all things that aren't as they appear to be.
I know what it's like to be wrongly accused. I know what it's like to be punished for things you didn't do. And, especially, I know what it's like to be accused of calculation, when all you're doing is experiencing so much pain and confusion, you can barely breathe, much less defend yourself.

So this is slightly about my own ghosts.

But, now I'm curious about the Peterson case. I bought the book by Anne Bird, "33 reasons my brother Scott Peterson is Guilty" because I like crime books. I especially like books that contain personal analysis of others, because sometimes they tell you something about the person being analyzed, and sometimes they tell you more about the person doing the analyzing---in fact, it goes both ways. My conclusion was that the author has known great darkness in her life...but not from Mr. Peterson.

This is audio and it's in two parts.

I have now bought a few other books on the case, to learn more. Maybe he did it...but halfway through the book the jury wrote (12 jurors, only 7 of them wanted their names on this book..even though it takes twelve to convict); and so far all I can see is a freak show of egotistical smalltown, smallminded bungling, with giant loonies like Nancy Grace breathing stench of hysteria into every corner of the entire television-saturated circus. And you know how I feel about television.

So for now, in case you're curious, here are Ms. Bird's 33 reasons, with some commentary.


A Voice of Sanity said...

Anne Bird's idiot thoughts.

1. On our last day at Disneyland, when Ryan went missing
and everyone panicked, Scott stayed on his cell in his own
world. Total disconnect.

When I see too many people running in circles I wait to see
what NEEDS to be done. There is no point in adding to the insanity.

2. While at Tommy's christening on January 12, 2003, Scott
sat and held Tommy entire time and looked uncomfortable.
Rector seemed to get bad feeling about Scott, like he knew
something or wasn't buying it.

Perhaps the baby needed changing?

3. Scott upgraded his porn channel later that day.

Porn = sports today. Means nothing.

4. In interviews with Gloria Gomez and Diane Sawyer, Scott
said Laci knew about Amber. No way she knew he was having an
affair! No way she would have put up with it.

She had done more than once before. What goes on behind closed
doors often stays there.

5. On Ryan's third birthday, Scott stayed with us. He had
just returned from his PO. box in Modesto and had hate
mail with him. There was a praying mantis on one, and
another had a birthday cake picture with three candles
and it said "Happy Birthday Ryan." This made me scared,
and I do not know where it came from or how anyone else
would know about Ryan's birthday. Also, there was a let-
ter 'the one he thought was from the Rocha family' that
was definitely a death threat. He seemed to be able to joke
about it.

After the first 2 or 3 hundred you get blasé.

6. Scott partying, celebrating while Laci is missing. A lot of
"carrying on" the entire time I was with him.

Some men cry in private.

7. When he was at our house and the news came on, he
watched and asked if he should get rid of his goatee. Did
not seem to recognize how serious it was that he was a
"person of interest."

What could he do? If the MPD set out to frame him how could he stop it?

8. Flirting with our babysitter. Made "fiirtinis." Babysitter felt
uncomfortable and left.

Or was the babysitter flirting with him?

9. Jackie and Lee telling me that if asked about babysitter in-
cident, I should just deny it or "not recall" it, suggesting to
me that they didn't want anybody opening that can of worms.

That's Jackie and Lee and not Scott.

10. The girl he got pregnant in Arizona - was this the reason he
left college? The girl had an abortion; then Scott came home.

And the relationship to murder is ....?

11. Scott often arrived in different cars. Was he switching cars
to avoid being followed?

He didn't own a cloak of invisibility. What else could he do?

12. Scott borrowing the shovel up at Lake Arrowhead. He said,
"I have a shovel I borrowed that I need to return." Is it pos-
sible he buried something?

That's why most people use a shovel. Point?

13. Scott did not have money, according to Jackie. Yet he pur-
chased items from REI and North Face outlets while here.


14. Appeared uninterested in search for Laci. I brought up
several ideas/leads (from the news), but he had no direc-
tion/interest in them. I asked if there was anywhere anyone
should be looking and brought out map of Modesto. He
pointed to Mape's Ranch (?) like he was very annoyed with
me. "Maybe there," he said.

No. He'd searched everywhere he could. He didn't want to DISCUSS it.

15. I saw the table setting from the People magazine photo-
graph and it looks like Scott set the table for Christmas Eve
dinner. I have set a table with Laci at a Latham family re-
union, and she sets the table correctly. The Christmas
"crackers" are a finishing touch-not the only thing you
put on a table. There is also no tablecloth and it looks ab-
solutely not up to Laci's high standards of table setting
(something she excelled at).


16. When I asked about his (new) hair color he said that it was
bleached in the swimming pool up in Mammoth when he was there skiing.

He bleached it lighter. The chlorine turned it orange. Well known

A Voice of Sanity said...

17. Scott used alias Cal, short for California, a name he said
that he and Laci originally chose for Conner - to look at
apartments for rent so that he didn't have to give his name.
But that wasn't the name I heard (they wanted).

Point? He should have used Conner?

18. He left our house two to three times to go to Modesto to
clean the pool and mow the lawn. He said he did not want
the neighbors seeing the pool turning green. Did anyone
check the pool for any evidence?

He wanted to keep Laci's house the way she liked it.

19. Chilling story about the overgrown cemetery in Mendocino.
Made up? Possibly. On verge of confessing? Looked like it.

Possibly just a story that happened.

20. Two [of Scott's] cousins said he was investigated in connec-
tion with the disappearance of Kristin Smart, the girl from
SLO (missing since 1996).

And immediately excluded.

21. Cousins said somebody must have been helping Scott flee if
there was all the stuff in the back of the car.

Cousins have an overactive imagination. The 'stuff' was random junk.

22. Scott tried to get help removing GPS device from truck.
Very annoyed to be tracked at all.

Unless he was served with a court order he had every right to be annoyed.

23. Despite what Jackie said on television about Scott and
Laci's "perfect marriage," on three separate occasions (be-
fore Laci disappeared) she told me Scott and Laci were hav-
ing problems.

That's Jackie not Scott.

24. Scott claimed he'd had a delusion of speaking into the mir-
ror at their house with Laci. He said this after I told him I
had seen Sharon Rocha on the news saying she saw Laci on
their couch. [Such visions] are apparently brought on by
"extreme grief" or "extreme guilt."


25. Scott told me that he had another affair before Amber Frey,
someone in SLO, and did not give a time when that one oc-
curred. Also, had slept with someone (or two?) on an air-
plane flight. On that flight he said he "took turns" between
two airplane bathrooms. I have no idea when this occurred
and did not ask any other details.

And this means ... ?

26. In L.A., gay relatives took Scott barhopping, went to a
gay bar. Scott said he was bummed that no one hit on him.


27. Every time there was a search in the bay, Scott's voice and
reaction was more heightened, and he would say things like
"They are wasting their time when they could be out look-
ing for her," "Time would be better spent looking for her
somewhere else." He was louder and more emotional when
they were looking in the bay.

He was AT the bay when she was abducted. He knew she wasn't there.

28. Drinks at the Ballast. At the bar, Scott pulled Mexican pesos
from his pocket. When [Gordo] asked if he was going to
Mexico sometime soon, Scott didn't respond.

He'd just returned from Mexico.

29. Dinner at the SD Yacht Club with some of my friends. At
9:00 P.M. I told Scott that we had to get going, and he said
that it was ridiculous-"Who cares?" I called home and
said we would be late; kept getting "Who cares?" attitude
from Scott, and finally said we had to leave about 10:30 or
11:00 P.M.


30. I was the first to call and let him know they found a body of
a woman in the bay. He said "They'll find out it's not Laci,
and they will keep looking for her."

He was AT the bay when she was abducted. He knew she wasn't there.

A Voice of Sanity said...

31. When I said they'd found the body of a baby the day before,
he said "What?! . . . That's terrible. Who would do such a
thing?!" Seemed very disturbed and voice was loud and
emotional again.

Murdering a baby IS disgusting.

32. On April 17, 2003 Scott stayed at my parents' house in San
Diego. When I asked him why he didn't go to the Lake Arrowhead house he said his car spun out. I don't believe he
ever went there. I think he went straight to my parents' be-
cause he thought the police knew about the Lake Arrow-
head house.


33. On last prison visit to Redwood, Scott waited till end of
visit and said: "You know I didn't kill my wife." Couldn't
look me in the eye, then checked for my reaction.

I wonder if Jesus looked Judas in the eye? You just betrayed your half brother.