Wednesday, March 25, 2009

jon stewart is my hero

I'm thrilled SOMEBODY (and somebody smart and cool) is asking questions about this crap. Wall Street on Trial. that's what I wanna see.

the political arena is one thing. challenging status quo media in big biz pocket is long overdue.

goddamn 80s republicans leading us down that deregulation path. Idiots!!!

clearly, a better America, a proud democracy, was not even on the table. they couldnt give a terd's flea about the country...unless their money is in some other country. they Might care about That country.


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lowflyin lolana said...

I'm reading "Den of Thieves" which is what Stevo would call a "Pull-it-sir" Prize-winning expose of the S & L Bailout scandal.

Really shameful stuff.



and nuthin's changed.

I'm getting disillusioned Amerigo. It seems like so much of our law & order institutions, when it comes to white collar crime, have been undone and undone and undone and the result is a huge mess that one Obama barely has a chance of fixing.

He looks to me like the kid with his finger in the dyke, uh
i mean, dike.